III International Conference

Materials, Technology and Equipment for the development
of the Arctic and Siberia

Russia, Tomsk, September 25–28, 2019

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The international conference 'Materials, Technology and Equipment for the development of the Arctic and Siberia' is held by Tomsk State University (Tomsk) jointly with the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials-VIAM (Moscow).

Conference Goals

Intensification of research in the fields of special materials, technology and facilities used in the development of the Arctic and Siberia, increasing the effectiveness of the scientific results implementation, strengthening the cooperation between industry and scientists of different countries.

Conference Tasks

The subject of the conference covers the fundamental and applied problems of the scientific and technical support for the development of the Arctic Zone of Russian Federation, as well as the current state and prospects of the Arctic and Siberia development.

Conference Subjects

Key Dates

20 May
Registration deadline
30 June
Abstract submission
15 August
Payment due date

Conference participation: Oral presentations.

Working languages: Russian, English.

Requested Registration is open until 20th May, 2019.

The abstracts processing will be issued by the Conference beginning. When submitting the papers, authors must comply with the following requirements.

Conference proceedings will be posted on the website of the Scientific Electronic Library.


Conference Organizers



Conference Co-Chairmen

Evgeny Kablov

Evgeny Kablov
VIAM General Director,
RAS Academician, Professor, Moscow

Eduard Galazhinsky

Eduard Galazhinsky
TSU Rector, Professor, Tomsk

Programme Committee

Organizing Committee

Technical Committee


Registration Fee

Conference fee includes information support, book of abstract, coffee-breaks during the Conference and is as follows:

For foreign speakers 300 USD
For foreign students/PhD candidate 150 USD

Plenary Reports

Evgeny Nikolaevich Kablov

Evgeny Kablov
Prof., RAS Academician, VIAM General Director
Report "Materials for Additive Technologies – the Main Direction of Modern Materials Science"

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Buznik

Vladimir Buznik
Prof., RAS Academician, VIAM general director Adviser
Report "Arctic Materials Science: History, Present, Forecasts"
Authors: V.M. Buznik, E.N. Kablov

Ludmila Borisovna Boinovich

Ludmila Boinovich
Prof., RAS Academician, IPCE RAS
Report "Analysis of the Mechanisms Determining the Functioning and Durability of Ice-Phobic Coatings to Combat Atmospheric Icing"
Authors: L.B. Boinovich, A.M. Emelyanenko, K.A. Emelyanenko, E.B. Modin

Lubov Altunina

Lubov Altunina
Dr.Sc., Prof.
Report "Technologies of Enhanced Oil Recovery for the Fields of the Arctic and Siberian Zones"

Anatoly Nikolaev

Anatoly Nikolaev
Dr.Sc., Prof.
Report "Kola Peninsula in solving the problems of extraction and use of raw materials in the Arctic zone of Russia"
Authors: A.I. Nikolaev, S.V. Krivovichev
Report "Construction and Technical Materials and Facilities for the Arctic. Quality Control and Condition Monitoring"
Authors: A.A. Pak, A.I. Nikolaev


Participants are requested to book the hotel themselves. Recommended hotels:

The cost of accommodation is not included in the participation fee.


Contact Information

Conference Secretariat:

conf-arctic@yandex.ru +7(3822) 52-98-24